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“I’ve heard people say that, when they go into nature, they feel like they are at church. Chris Highland’s A Freethinker’s Gospel might be their hymnal. “— Leigh Ann Henion, author of Phenomenal

“Robin Russell Gaiser is an amazing story-teller. Open for Lunch sings, wails, flails and perseveres with integrity. Thank you, thank you!”
— The Rev. Dr. Margaret Ann Faeth, Episcopal

Gabriel’s Songbook is “a love song to music—creating it, performing it, and generally being passionate about it… Cody brings to life Gabriel’s passion for his art and his ambition to succeed in music, deftly portraying the anguish of unrealized dreams made even more bitter by regret.” — Tina Chambers, Chapter 16

“… gripping, poignant, and unforgettable.” —Jeff Mann, author of Country

Reed’s Homophones: “I can’t imagine anyone anywhere in the world who would not welcome this chance to make the world of words a friendlier place.”
— David Madden, Pulitzer-Prize nominee for The Suicide’s Wife

Trang Sen: “A phenomenal novel”

“Smith delves deep … with intriguing insights. Skills that remind me of the long ago Pulitzer award winner Pearl S. Buck.”
— Ia Uaro, Book Pleasures (Australia)