Book Reviews

Red-state, White-guy Blues: “A book with heart, mind and guts”

Jeff Messer’s hugely entertaining style mixes politics with humor, the personal with the political, and manages to be as inspiring as it is fun.”
– John Fugelsang

Lanky Tales: “Wholesome without being corny”

I love that the hero loves good. Family is extolled and community is embraced. It’s definitely the kind of book I’d like my kids to read.”
– Beth Thisse, mother of three

Hopping: “Short Story Glory”

“A rich mix of story gems and intellectual amalgams.”
– Rob Neufeld, Asheville Citizen-Times

Trang Sen: “A phenomenal novel”

“Smith delves deep … with intriguing insights. Skills that remind me of the long ago Pulitzer award winner Pearl S. Buck.”
– Ia Uaro, Book Pleasures (Australia)