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Your fastest ordering from Pisgah Press is direct from our CreateSpace online store, which allows your order to be printed on demand and shipped direct to you (or your gift recipient). Here are the links for ordering Pisgah Press releases:

Letting Go, by Donna Lisle Burton  ($14.95)               CreateSpace store

Unbelievable!, by Joeseph R. Haun (16.00)                  CreateSpace store

MacTiernan’s Bottle, by Michael Hopping ($14.95)    CreateSpace store

Reed’s Homophones, by A. D. Reed ($10.00)              CreateSpace store

Trang Sen, by Sarah-Ann Smith ($19.50)                     CreateSpace store

Other favorite sites

Everyone has favorite websites, and writers and editors seem to gravitate to other writers’ and editors’ sites. Maybe out of respect, or perhaps envy — and in my case, certainly, a mixture of the two. At any rate, here’s the first of my favorites.

Kitty Burns Florey, author of Sister Bernadette’s Barking Dog